Wall Murals

Random Apple Co

An old distressed looking brick wall sign hand painted onto an old barn wall.

Magna Carta wall mural

The wall had been freshly pointed then a detailed clean and crisp ribbon/scroll mural painted straight onto the brickwork. The lettering was gold leaf and highlighted with a shadow.
This wall mural will slowly age and naturally break down over the next 100 years due to being open to the elements.

Thomas Dakin GIN – aged distressed wall advertisement

I loved painting this wall mural for G & J Greenalls brewery to promote their luxury Thomas Dakin gin. This sort of wall painted advertisement was everywhere in the times of the industrial revolution. On the building in the background you can see an original advertisement for a seed merchants which coincides with the grade 2 listed Victorian building I was working on where they used to be a ‘Corn Exchange’.

I was so pleased that the relevant authorities involved passed this to go ahead, as many councils see this as graffiti and don’t allow it, the only reminders are faded traditionally written shop fronts and goods advertisements commonly known as ghost signs! These big brands know exactly what they are doing when it come to promote their goods, this piece cost £300 to complete, which with a bit of luck should last in excess of 100 years. To advertise on a mass produced Main Street bill board costs from £350 per week plus the poster cost, to me this artwork is a great reminder of the old style publicity that once was and I would love to see more of around. Yet
For me the impact of a rarely seen Main Street advertisement along with a piece long lasting artwork and in my option enhanced with age speaks to great value for money.

Bakery Ghost Sign

This distressed sign written brick wall was for Chatwins Bakery in Nantwich, Cheshire.


This is a mural I completed for a friend as a favour. He has a keen interest in Motor sport and wanted to imitate a motor cycle garage with the Go Yamaha emblem. He also wanted a ‘Monster Energy’ logo paint on his garage wall and on his house storage heater, thereby imitating an energy drink can.

Disney Princess Wall Painting

These are the wall murals I painted in my daughters bedroom.