Traditional Canal Art

As a traditional narrowboat painter I have completed hundreds of commissioned jobs for clients on their beloved narrowboats. Here are some examples of traditional canal art I’ve completed over the years.

Various sign-written narrowboats

As a narrowboat painter I also do lots of smaller jobs for my many clients.

Linnet No2

The boat is painted in sage green with big traditional new Roman lettering supported with a blended shadow from Medium green to tarnished brass to match the porthole windows. The main lettering is in a very striking white to set the whole thing off.

Nihil Facile

This is Nihil Facile a slimline wide beam canal boat known as a pioneer which was originally sign written in 2003.
‘Nahil Facile’ is Latin for nothing comes easy.

The style of this lettering is art nouveau with a very simple and clean looking font. I also depicted the dots on the ‘i’ with a Rennie Mackintosh style rose to add a little colour and class to the lettering. I carried on this rose theme to the hatch with the colours blending from magenta to bright red.

On the fiddle

‘On the fiddle’ is a narrowboat I signwrote in 2015.
The theme had a big influence from the customers favourite band ‘The Levellers’. The clients provided some great creative design ideas and persuaded Jeremy from their favourite band ‘The Levellers’ to sketch the fiddle man for the narrowboat design. Together we came up with a font to match the sketchy style of the fiddle man image that had been drawn. All in all a very unique project.


This is a boat I fully painted in masons p type Royal Blue gloss then sign written it in Ivory and bright red 1 shot enamels.


This is a signwriting project I did for Warrington disability partnership in the refurbishment of the wizard in 2014, The Wizard is based on the Bridgewater Canal at Thorn Marine, near the London Bridge, Stockton Heath, Warrington.

The Wizard is a very rare type of narrow boat know as a slipper.


I completed the signwriting on Wagtail after the customers spent many back breaking hours repainting her in 2014 I then spent a couple of days in the glorious sun sign writing her at the boat museum, Ellesmere port where she is moored. Who says the work of a narrowboat painter is hard.

L.M.S Narrowboat

This is a very traditional London, Midlands and Scotland narrowboat. It’s working name is Dehli. The hull is an original from 1932 held together with steel rivets and the engine is from 1937!

Tench Narrowboat

Tench is a very old working narrowboat. It served many years working up and down the Shrewsbury Canal transporting coal.


Water Witch