Paul & Ann Webster – Proud owners of ‘Paul Ann’ka’

What a talented, conscientious artist is Carl Tickle (The Cheshire Brush)? He transformed our narrow boat, Paul Ann’ka, from a dull, tired boat, into a stunning, unique, floating work of art.

From the initial consultation to the finished product Carl was always on hand and approachable, no matter the time of day or evening. He was generous with his suggestions and guidance throughout the project. Apart from the agreed work, Carl went that extra mile – adding extra touches, which were simply stunning.

I had complete faith in Carl’s skills and I chose not to see the boat until it was completely finished, my husband decided to photograph the progression. He was so impressed with Carl’s work that each time he came home he tried to persuade me to look at the pictures – thankfully I resisted which meant that my first view of the boat was overwhelming! I could never have imagined we would own such a beautiful boat. I still find it hard to believe that one person could achieve as much as Carl did in the timescale of the job.

Thank you Carl, we appreciate your artistry, support, guidance and your sheer hard work.