Sign Written Shop Fronts

Walk down any high street and you’ll find examples of good shop and restaurant signs and also bad ones. The Cheshire brush are experts in making sure their customers are in the first group, not the second.

Poor shop front signage lets down the appearance of any retail outlet or restaurant and does nothing to entice customers into the premises. Sometimes a name is not enough to describe the service and a little time is needed to

Choosing the right type of materials for the exterior is important and needs a professional opinion to determine how and where the sign is best fitted. Cheshire brush will carry out a full site survey and take accurate measurements before any sign is produced.

If you want to entice your customers through your shop or restaurant door, not turn them away, then talk to the Cheshire brush and choose the best shop front sign for your business.

Tattoo Artist Sign

The tattoo artist wanted me to create a carnival/fairground style sign for his shop front advertisement board. I decided to use a metal leaf as part of the lettering to capture the eye and add a little extra affect to this very fun piece of artwork.

Bodicalm Shop Front

A very minimal shop front sign I hand painted in Latchford village, Warrington. The customer wanted a very clean white look to the front of the shop unlike the surrounding shops which seemed over crowded with lots of advertisements, bright colours and lots of cheap vinyl signs.

Gold Leaf Tattoo Sign

I designed and created this double sided swinging sign for tattoo parlour ‘Needlework Tattoo ltd’ in Surrey. They wanted me to create something vintage looking using traditional signwriting, period colours, boarder pin stripes and a rich touch of gold leaf lettering to catch passerby eyes as it glistens in the sun.

Custom Tattooist Sign

I painted this sign for a local tattoo artist ‘Black Bones’. The sign doesn’t really scream tattoo artist in my opinion, but Joe wanted me to create something totally different from the usual stigma of skulls, dragons and sharp aggressive fonts! Joe was a real big fan of free hand fonts which I really did admire him for! He wanted something bright and colourfull to catch the eye of the passing traffic.

The Village Barber

The signs are first cut to size using aluminium composite also known as dibond which is manufactured to the colour of your choice. The design is first sketched out then enlarged onto the board which is then hand painted using 1 shot sigh writers enamels.
The windows are masked in frosted effect vinyl to the required design.

The Village Barbers

New looking shop sign for returning loyal customer Kayla.
Machine turned gold leaf on satin black long lasting Di bond.

The Sweet Shop – Lymm

This is a sweet shop sign I was commissioned to complete in 2014. This shop has been a sweet shop for over 20 years, but over the past few years locals disliked its modern look and nicknamed it The Gob Stopper. The owner of the new shop wanted to step back in time back to the glory days with a hand- painted shop front and traditional sign along with the original name of “The Sweet Shop” in an ornate old English font.

Jameson & Partners

I painted this shop front along with a very minimal hand painted sign, the paint is in Farrow and Ball yeabridge green with white and silver lettering. The lettering is in a flowing script and block lettering fonts, I also incorporated the company logo onto an interior wall of the shop in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Little Hair Boutique

Hand painted sign for a hair dressers in Latchford, Warrington, Cheshire.