Sacajawea Narrowboat

This boat is about 25 years old, it was shot blasted first, then 3 coats of two pack primer followed by 4 more coats of undercoat and gloss!

The customer wanted a bright, colourfull decorative theme and a name change for the boat!
When I paint a boat a lot of time and thought goes into trying to come up with a theme that will suit the name and all the elements of the boat. I also make sure all my projects are unique by trying as much as possible to use different colour codes that will never be used again on another boat, I may use standard colours again but I look through 1000’s of different colours and find a unique colour scheme that will work on that boat. Once I’ve found the unique colour scheme I just use the code for the paint and these codes are never passed on for somebody else to use, so all the boats are completely one offs!

I also like to sign my work if agreed by the customer and I also like to incorporate my seal of approval quill, which I usually paint on the front hatch or incorporate it into the bow decoration, these markings are usually quite decorative. If you looked closely enough you may also find a swoosh type of marking usually found in the shadow of the lettering, it can be hard to find at times and often nobody ever notices it, I have used this swoosh mark since I was 13 years old.