Renault Estafette Camper Van

The Renault Estafette Camper Van was traditionally sign-written with copper leaf applied to the main lettering. This beautifully restored 1972 Renault Estafette Panel Van with it’s stunning new paint job, traditional hand painted signage, vintage props and traditional chalkboards has a state of the art photo booth in the back.

It’s always a pleasure and a lot of pride that goes into producing pieces of art like this project, especially when the client is just as passionate about these type of skills as myself.
When I finish working on vans, trucks and other vehicles I always advise on getting my work lacquered with 2pack clear coat, especially if metal leaf has been used, this protects the copper leaf and also gives a glass like finish to the traditional signwriting.

These photos speak for themselves before and after it was carefully lacquered in Hoylake on the Wirral.