Knot HRD Work

Sam loved the original colours and rope design but she was more than happy for me to use my own imagination to maximise the boats appearance.
Here are some before pictures.

I quickly released there was just too much of the lighter blue on the boat but Sam loved this colour so we decided to add another colour to break up all the light blue. I also played around with the design of the boat and put my own twist on the signwriting!
This narrowboat design and colour scheme may not be to everybody’s taste but it needed to be similar to the original design with just a few improvements that the customer requested.

The design of the signwriting needed to be different from the commonly used Old and New Roman lettering often used by most signwriters. Although Old and New Roman are nice fonts sometimes you need to think out of the box and come up with something original.

In each of my commisioned jobs I try to create something original, which is why it can often be very difficult to spot my work on the canals, I don’t stick to a specific style which makes all the boats that I paint and sign write unique. I strive to come up with new designs, new colour combinations and font ideas whilst taking into account the input of the individual customer.
It may take longer to produce the end results but I feel this is the beauty of the canal, where traditional and modern designs can be seen side by side. That is why I am so passionate about working with canal narrowboats.

Carl Tickle