Gold Leaf Fairground Signs

I can paint your Fairground Stall in traditional fairground colours.
I specialise in vintage fairground stalls like old penny slot machines.

Lettering is shaded to give a classic 3D effect, making the text look as if it is jumping off the boards.

I can also make use of ‘Gilding’ to enhance your designs. With the use of 24crt Gold Leaf I can highlight specific aspects of your stall to create that traditional vintage look.

Fairground Sign

This hand painted sign for a vintage fairground machinery collection.
Pearlescent blue lettering was used with a variety of eye-catching colours.
The contrasting red and green draw attention to the sign and the key word”Amusements”is highlighted by the split between blue and cream. This effect is further enhanced by the outlininig of the traditional fairground lettering.
This sign is displayed at Wigan Pier of Orwellian fame.